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Doreen M. Bleich

The leap for a Saskatchewan farm girl to cyberspace is monstrous. I have lived my entire life in Saskatchewan - born at Denzil, attended the U of S and have lived at Nipawin since. Even though I have traveled through much of Canada, into the United States and even Europe a couple times, I've not found a place where I would rather live. There is something about the feel of Saskatchewan that is not found elsewhere. It's an experience I would highly recommend.  

My first attempt at writing and publishing was a cookbook. My family and friends were always asking  me for recipes, so I compiled my favorites into a book, which I thought would make a nice gift. The project took on a life of its own and I published it. Cooking Country Style is in its fourth printing. Since then most of my writing, fiction and non-fiction, has been published in Canadian magazines and papers. 

Ready Or Not, my first novel is a story that needed telling.  Being a writer is what I am meant to be. I suspected this about fifteen years ago but the realization became as clear as a jet trail across the blue prairie sky five years ago. I quit my job and began to write fulltime - well, almost fulltime (I do have a couple less-exciting part time jobs). Once I took the leap, I never looked back. 
I am a member of the Saskatchewan Writers Guild and the Tisdale Writers Group.

I have been an avid reader all my life. It was my way of discovering the world in which I lived. The spirit of adventure and the yearning to explore are traits I have inherited from my pioneer ancestors. The most well-used book in our family is a world atlas. So, my passion for travel and genealogy has evolved naturally. They rank right up there at the top of my list of favorite-things-to-do along with baseball.