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What better way to celebrate 25 years of great writing than with a new book! This is a wonderful variety of prose and poetry from members of the Tisdale Writers Group over the past five years.

Available from any Tisdale Writers Group member, including Doreen for $20.00.

For the Love of Grace

This progressive novel is the second one written by members of the Tisdale Writers Group.
This time by twelve different writers.
An historical novel set in Saskatchewan in the early 1900’s details the adventures of a young woman leaving her home in Ontario to teach school in rural Saskatchewan, with all the adventures, loves and challenges of pioneer life.
Available from any Tisdale Writers Group member, including Doreen for $18.00

for the love of grace

The Write Stuff 2012

A collection of the best challenge writings from 2010 – 2012 by members of the Tisdale Writers Group.
It includes poetry as well as prose on a variety of subjects.
Available from any Tisdale Writers Group member, including Doreen for $10.00

the write stuff

The Write Stuff 2010

An assortment of challenge writings by members of the Tisdale Writers Group from 2009- 2010 on a wide number of topics ranging from serious to silly – in poetry and prose.
Available from any Tisdale Writers Group member, including Doreen for $10.00.

Seasons of Plenty – A Cookbook Celebrating the Holidays has been five years in the making. The book is divided into thirteen sections celebrating the major holidays of the year. Each holiday comes with suggestions for appetizers, soups, salads, main dishes, desserts and more. The recipes have all been gathered, modified, and tested on Doreen’s family and friends. Included are such varied recipes as Krautnic in the Sommerfest section, Witch’s Soup and Ghosts in a Graveyard in the Halloween section or Sunshine Salad in the Easter section. Loaded with over 340 recipes, there are plenty of choices to make any meal special, holiday or not. This cookbook is for those who love to cook and those who hate to cook. There’s something for everyone. Cost - $25.00 plus postage. Contact Doreen for a copy.
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Cooking Country Style

This is a collection of the finest recipes for home cooking - everything from Appetizers to Pickles, and Soups to Desserts and everything in between. There are the recipes my sisters and friends would call and ask for - like the Dilly Cheese Ball and Fruit Pizza; the old family favorites - like Safety Plugs, Grandma's Ammonia Cookies, Carrot Pudding and Aunt Eleanor's Gingersnaps; my families favorites - like Layered Salad, Celebration Chicken and Piggy's Dessert; the ones I found, tried and modified over the years - like the Best Beet Pickles, the Easiest Pumpkin Pie Ever and German Soup.
   For many years we lived in the country and the nearest grocery store was miles away. This meant planning a menu well in advance and making do with what was on hand. As a result we have had some interesting culinary adventures over the years! Because we always grew a garden, I preferred recipes that started from scratch - rather than a can of this and a package of that. There are a few exceptions that have become favorites - especially when the results were mouthwateringly fabulous. Many of the recipes are elementary enough for children and inexperienced cooks, but don't let that mislead you - the results will dazzle even the most critical diner.
   The book contains 204 recipes with an index for easy searching, is coil bound - so it lies flat. The book also contains some of the more thought provoking or humorous quotes I've heard or read and thought you might enjoy them too.

   To order send $12.00 plus postage to:

        Doreen M. Bleich
        Box 994
        Nipawin, Saskatchewan
        S0E 1E0

Ready Or Not

Maggie was content with her life at last. She had survived the hurt and humiliation of being jilted. Her mother’s cancer was gone and she was settling into an easy relaxed routine since moving back to Nipawin, her childhood home. She had a job, was making friends and resigned to living out her life alone. The family she’d longed for was not to be, so instead Maggie doted on her brother’s children. And then it all changed.

Phil had a reputation since high school as a womanizer. He had two previous marriages to his credit. Returning to Nipawin for his father’s funeral set him on a collision course with Maggie.

Maggie’s contentment is shattered by her unexpected and impossible attraction to Phil. He’s a flirt, younger than Maggie and based on previous choices, clearly prefers his women tiny and waif-like, something Maggie is definitely not.

During a routine examination, they find a lump in Maggie’s breast. Having just gone through a similar hell with her mother, Maggie is determined to handle this situation alone, not worry her family or trust Phil and their budding relationship – a critical choice with dire consequences.

Price: $24.00 (a portion goes to breast cancer research) plus $3.00 postage.

You can order your copy from any of the following:

Ask at your local bookstore or contact me directly.
My email adress is:
My phone number is: 306-862-5886

Tisdale Writers Group 20th Anniversary Anthology celebrates the group’s twenty years of writing and sharing. It features poems and prose, fiction and non-fiction by fourteen writers who are or were members since the publication of the last anthology in 2003. Doreen’s contribution is a short story entitled, For Love. Available from Doreen for $15.00.

Tisdale Writers Group 15th Anniversary Anthology

   This anthology is a collection of short stories and poems by the members of the Tisdale Writers Group - writers from across northeastern Saskatchewan.

   The book contains various short stories, postcard stories and an acrostic story by published novelist Doreen M. Bleich of Nipawin.  Included are stories and poems by children’s author Helen Perrin Clark of Arborfield and the work of Phyllis Ellis Glaze of Tisdale, Joyce Hoge of Tobin Lake, Janet Drew of Carrot River, Peggy Hayes Looby of Bjorkdale, Dorothy Marie Wark of Nipawin and Karen L. Anderson of Archerwill. Two writers are from Barrier Lake – Janice Dixie Martin and Judy Revoy. The work of two members who died recently – Jack Grandy of Ridgedale and Margaret MacDonald of Tisdale make up the dozen writers of the Tisdale Writers group whose work is represented in this special project to celebrate the group’s 15th anniversary.

   Regardless of your taste in reading material, there is something in this book to suit almost everyone. It is great value for the price and makes a wonderful gift. Copies can be obtained from any group member or local bookstores including The Paper Trail in Nipawin.

To order your copy from Doreen M. Bleich, send $10.00 plus $3.00 postage to:

Box 994
Nipawin, Saskatchewan
S0E 1E0

Articles I have written were chosen to be included in these anthologies

“A Radical Change” is in Hopes and Dreams for Saskatchewan In the next 100 Years “THE FUTURE IS OURS”. Copies are available from:

 Prince Albert Multicultural Council

1410 Central Ave.

Prince Albert, Sask.

S6V 4W5

Phone: 306-922-0400


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“Party or Bust” is included in The Big Fifty compiled by Kris Herriot. Copies are available from:

Lighthouse Publishers

397 Kingsway Blvd.

Flin Flon, MB.

R8A 0L6

Phone: 204-687-5107



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The Write Stuff

The Write Stuff 2007 is the first in a series of books that contain the challenges writings by members of the Tisdale Writers Group. Doreen shared several of her pieces in this book.

The Write Stuff 2008 contains a collection of challenge writings by various members of the Tisdale Writers Group. Doreen shared several of her writings. The ones she likes best are the ones written about “the woman in the well” found in Saskatoon, a message in a bottle and imagining the life of some unknown person based on the information written on their headstone. Available from Doreen for $10.00

The Write Stuff 2009 is the best of the challenge writings during the previous year. Doreen’s favourites are a piece based on a lie, titled Heartbreak Times Two and one on making perogies called, The Solution. She even tried her hand at a poem when challenged to write a pantoum poem. Available from Doreen for $10.00.


A Christmas Collection is pure fun and memories about the Christmas season shared in poems and prose. There are several reminiscences of Christmases past as well as fictional pieces. Doreen’s pieces, Is Santa Real? and Icicle Christmas are based on childhood Christmases while A Christmas to Remember, is fictional. Available from Doreen for $12.00.

The Domino Effect

The Domino Effect is a progressive story written by ten members of the Tisdale Writers Group. Doreen was one of those ten. She also one of the editors. Copies are available from any member of the Tisdale Writers group for $15.00 or contact Doreen.