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   I was born Doreen Marie Reiniger on May 9, 1951 at Denzil, Saskatchewan, the eldest of six children - so I know all about responsibility and hard work! My parents were farmers until my Dad died suddenly at age 54. I was 16 years old. The following year when I went to the University of Saskatchewan, Mom moved into town with the other children and rented out the farm.
   My first passion was reading. I read every Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and Bobbsey Twins book ever published. Sneaking off to the outhouse with a book was a favorite trick - sometimes it worked for an hour or so till I was discovered. I wish I'd kept a list of all the books I've read since those days!
   I discovered early that I enjoyed cooking and baking, nearly as much as I enjoyed reading. Collecting family and personal favorites became an unconscious hobby. I had recipes scribbled on restaurant napkins, the inside of envelopes, all manner of scraps of paper. Soon the piles became unmanageable when looking for a recipe for myself or someone else. The progression to cookbook seemed natural. Initially published in 1989, Cooking Country Style has been revised and is in its fourth printing.
   Writing was never considered a legitimate career. We were encouraged to become either teachers or nurses. It wasn't until I happened across Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg that my interest in writing was stirred. I took some writing courses and have been writing since - magazine and newspaper articles - Folklore, Dugout, Parent Care, Briarpatch, Saskatoon Star Phoenix to name a few. My mind overflows with ideas for novels. Finding the time to write them requires more discipline than I have most days, but I try. Ready Or Not is my first novel.
   In 1971 I married Howard Bleich and moved to Nipawin. We have two sons, Todd and Troy - both grown and establishing homes of their own. During those years of child rearing, I juggled many jobs - store clerk, school bus driver, bank teller, receptionist, bookkeeper, caterer, etc.
   In 1976 we moved our young family to the country. We enjoyed the space and freedom that country living allowed us. In 1993 we lost our home to a fire and have lived in Nipawin since.
   Writing is my life's calling, but genealogy, traveling and baseball are my passions. I haven't enough time for any of them. All have provided me with some interesting adventures.
   The ancestral names I am researching are - Reiniger, Schlegel, Lessmeister and Griep. The search has taken me to the United States several times and to Europe twice. I have met the most fascinating people in my search, and some have turned out to be relatives.
   In 1990 my sister Jeanette and I went to Montreal and since that first Expos game, I have been hooked on baseball. I feel cheated if I don't get to at least one game a year. We've been to games in Toronto, Montreal, Minneapolis and Seattle as well. Atlanta's Turner Field and Wrigley Field in Chicago are next on the list of places to visit.
   And this is only the beginning ........... the best is yet to come!